Your Thanksgiving Sanity Check

I’m up early in here in Watersound Beach, Florida where I’m spending Thanksgiving with my mom’s side of the family this year and I wanted to drop you a quick note before the craziness of the day gets into full swing.

I’ll start by saying what we’re both thinking – holidays are freaking tough.

Between the (unspoken) high expectations and all the old family patterns that immediately kick in, before you know it that idyllic image in your mind of a big happy family sitting around a beautiful table full of laughter, love, and togetherness is dashed by the high-stress, tension, and of course some little dig or criticism that just sends you over the edge.

My love-hate relationship with holidays is one of the reasons I opted out last year by going to a friend’s house for Thanksgiving and Iceland for Christmas – with ZERO family. I’m not gonna lie…it was pretty heavenly.

But this year is different. I’m different. I’ve got a pretty good hunch the outcome might be different too … Read more…

How Martha & Snoop Shook Up the Dinner Party in the Best Way

Most of my life, I’ve felt like a complete enigma. I’ve always had a super eclectic group of friends that don’t seem to go together. My taste in food, music, hobbies and design is all over the board. I like it that way. But when most of us look around we like to categorize people so we understand exactly who they are. Problem is, I never felt like I fit one perfectly and have always been drawn to people and things that didn’t fit one either.

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