The Difference a Year Makes

A year ago was the first time I ever wanted to skip Christmas. My 10-year relationship had ended. I was worn out from family holiday drama and being disappointed that it never was what I imagined or longed for, so I opted out. I chose me – and ONLY me.


I spent Christmas Eve reading a book and sipping chardonnay in Delta Sky Club at JFK waiting to board a flight to Iceland.


And I spent Christmas Day like this. Sipping champagne in the 105° water of the Blue Lagoon with a silica mask on my face and icicles forming in my hair. It was magical.

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Your Thanksgiving Sanity Check

I’m up early in here in Watersound Beach, Florida where I’m spending Thanksgiving with my mom’s side of the family this year and I wanted to drop you a quick note before the craziness of the day gets into full swing.

I’ll start by saying what we’re both thinking – holidays are freaking tough.

Between the (unspoken) high expectations and all the old family patterns that immediately kick in, before you know it that idyllic image in your mind of a big happy family sitting around a beautiful table full of laughter, love, and togetherness is dashed by the high-stress, tension, and of course some little dig or criticism that just sends you over the edge.

My love-hate relationship with holidays is one of the reasons I opted out last year by going to a friend’s house for Thanksgiving and Iceland for Christmas – with ZERO family. I’m not gonna lie…it was pretty heavenly.

But this year is different. I’m different. I’ve got a pretty good hunch the outcome might be different too … Read more…

How to Keep What Matters Most Top of Mind

You know the saying…man plans and God laughs. This is my life. I’m the queen of setting strong intentions and making big plans…that instantly go to hell as soon as they’re put to the test in real life. It’s maddening. When you crave growth, progress and accomplishment, there’s nothing worse than the feeling of life getting in your way.

That frustration is a huge reason I decided a few years ago to give up setting goals and resolutions in favor of choosing a single word as my priority each year. Picking a one word theme allows for a lot more flexibility and is way less crushing when things don’t pan out exactly how you envisioned or on your perfect timetable. Read more…

How to Win 2017…in One Word

Feel like you’re just drifting through life on auto-pilot? For a long time that was me. I’d make decisions in a one-off fashion, jumping from one turning point, crisis or milestone to the next. In fact, 30 years went by before I ever stopped to really consider what kind of life would make me happy. What type of work would really fulfill me? What type of free time do I want and how do I really want to spend it? Financially, what do I need to be comfortable? What types of people do I want around me? Read more…

Why New Years Resolutions Are Pointless

What was your 2016 resolution? Seriously, don’t all answer at once…

If you can’t remember or are embarrassed you didn’t follow through, just stop. Stop it right now. Because resolutions are pointless. Only 8% of us actually reach our New Year’s goals anyway. So why do we set ourselves up, year after year, to proclaim something we inevitably drop less than 30 days in? Read more…

Measuring Up to the Carefully Curated Life

Wake up and before you get out of bed… check Facebook.
Right after (even during) your workout…Facebook.
Sitting in traffic…Facebook.
Over a conference call that’s going nowhere fast…Facebook.
In line to order lunch…Facebook.
Bathroom break…it’s so wrong, but yes…Facebook (you know it’s true)
On the couch watching TV before bed…Facebook.
And probably 5-10 more times in between…FACEBOOK. Read more…