Living Mindfully All Year Long

A couple years ago I started choosing a word each year to serve as my intention. It’s been an amazing practice in mindfulness to keep me aligned long after those resolutions typically fade.

Recently, my friend Katrine and I jumped on Facebook to dish on the details of one of our favorite New Years rituals of setting a one-word intention for the new year instead of those hard to keep resolutions. 

We also talked a lot about how she used this practice over the last couple of years to keep her focused as she took a huge leap of faith to launch her brand new app Soulments to help capture and appreciate the meaningful moments in our everyday lives. 

Here are a few things I loved about our conversation:

  • How incredibly mindful Katrine’s approach is – with her family, her business and her relationships.
  • The massive faith she has – and how she doubled down by applying to a crowd funding festival – even when her first developer had left her high and dry without a finished product and without her initial investment.
  • Her rituals – one you might expect and one you might not – to keep her intention front and center all year long.
  • Recalibrating how you think about “mindfulness” if you’re super type A and think you aren’t doing meditation and mindfulness “right.”

If you’re looking for a simpler way to be more mindful and focused in 2019, be sure to have a listen! Then, drop a comment and let us know your word for 2019.



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